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.iso See also List of 3D animation software List of animation software References External links Category:3D animation software Category:Companies based in Stockholm Category:Computer companies of Sweden Category:Media companies of Sweden Category:Software companies of SwedenMehdi Ghadyanloo is the co-founder and CEO of Liquid Robotics. The company makes “semi-autonomous” maritime robots that can take people on voyages of exploration and discovery. Its robots have been deployed in a range of industries from petroleum to agriculture and the military. Its robots, however, have always had a critical flaw. Without a human operator to steer them, they only know how to obey a pre-programmed sequence of tasks. But not anymore. After a year and a half of development, Liquid Robotics today revealed “Liquid Context,” a deep learning algorithm that makes it possible for an autonomously operated robot to learn and obey its human operators in any environment, in real time. It’s the latest iteration of Liquid Robotics’ flagship technology, called “Social Robots” or “SoRo,” which was unveiled last year to a rapt audience at Liquid Robotics’ first annual “DevCru” conference. I spent an afternoon with Ghadyanloo and co-founder Daren Bakst at Liquid Robotics’ Bay Area headquarters. Over several conversations, Ghadyanloo and Bakst talked through the company’s vision, its challenges, the state of deep learning in robotics and — perhaps most interestingly — why they believe that their robots can help to address some of the challenges facing artificial intelligence in the near term. WIRED: Why did you decide to create your own deep learning platform? Ghadyanloo: Over the last three to four years, we have been partnering with one company after another on their SoRo platform. They all have their own deep learning tools and also their own deep learning algorithms. We partnered with Inception V3, which is a deep learning platform from Google. We also partnered with NVIDIA, which had their own deep learning algorithms and their own deep learning tool. So we were just kind of in a position of, how do we get to a point where we are able to address the needs of each of those companies? We started by looking at our own industry. We looked at the problems that we are having as a




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AutoCAD LT 2013 X Force 2010 X64.exe.iso
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